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Fri, Jun. 26th, 2009, 01:19 pm
littlegirltoast: Halifax hip-hop "legend" on Canada Day!

My fellow East Coasters!

My name is Jesse Dangerously and I am a sort-of renowned rap nerd from Halifax. Ottawa is my home now, and I want to tell you about the awesome Canada Day show at Zaphod's next week, where I'll be performing along with a bunch of other great local bands (I am the only rap, but am I the only East Coaster? Can't say for certain.)


Zaphod's 17th Annual All-Day Canada Day Partaaaaay!!!
"The Best Bang since the Big One!"



Wednesday, July 1/ 2009 (Doors 2pm)


27 York Street, Ottawa, Canada.
Age 19+/ General Admission
TICKETS: $5 in advance

Click here to read more details!Collapse )

To purchase your tickets, please contact Jesse at jesse@dangerously.ca or by phoning 613-237-0271.

Thu, Feb. 1st, 2007, 07:02 am
tealslippers: (no subject)

Hi everyone - I hope this is ok. I have set up a community for Islanders or folks that are interested in PEI. Please feel free to join if that strikes your fancy. :)


Tue, Jun. 27th, 2006, 12:11 pm
anastasia1009: Greeting from Ottawa

I am from Glace Bay Nova Scotia, went to University College of Cape Breton and Mount Saint Vincent University and now I live in Gatineau. I use to live in Ottawa - South Keys area but its too exspensive to live in Ottawa and its not worth it. Living in Quebec is amazing - if you like wine/beer you can buy it at your local store from 8am to 11pm and its very relaxed.
Hope to talk to more people from Cape Breton.

Tue, Jun. 13th, 2006, 11:46 am
leafdragon: Gah

I'm originally for Nova Scotia. I was always planning to move to Ontario for the summer and possibly to Ottawa in the Fall. But I wasn't going to come to Barrie. So here's what basically got me to Barrie Ontario. I was going to move to Ontario. I was even going to date this lovely lady name Melissa. Then one night Melissa went out to the bar I was chatting on Gaycanada.com when someone wrote to me. We talked for like 16 hours straight on GC, MSN and on the phone. Our relationship went really fast and I fell hard. After two days I told Melissa there was something I had to do and left her. I even went to Ottawa for ten days to see her. We started a relationship. I had to got back to NS to graduate. I missed her. She was distant but se had so much going on in life so I understood.(the first sign) She also talked about me meeting all her ex's a lot. (the second sign) Nevertheless I went to Barrie when she mentioned that I should. I arrived. We went out to the bar she wanted me to meet all her ex's especially one. But she wasn't there. That night we had great sex at a B&B in Barrie.
She didn't really seem to want to see me after that. (third sign) I had to beg her to see me. she saw me just enough to have me go to her Baseball game and meet that one ex. (forth sign)
It was so obvious that we needed a break so I told her that. and we did. She didn't want to stop dating because she wanted us to be friends(i have a thing where i can't be friends with people right after i date them) But I told her i just wanted to be friends. Then her friend Mel wantedto hang out with me and told me that Amanda had known she didn't want me anymore but she was using me to try to get her ex back. she told her that she had paid for our on night at a B&B that I paid for and she gave me half the cash later. But she told people it was her treat... thats pissed me off because I did it all. She told me that she wanted just to get me here and to take me around to use me as a tool.
I live with nice guys but i don't identify with them all the time. I have a kitten I don't want that amanda gave to me when she knew I thought we would be together and she would move it to ottawa for me. so I have to give it away.
I work at wendys which i could be doing in the maritimes. I'm just bitter and now its gone.
I wash my hands of you and your drama....
So after all this I think I'm just going to move back to the Maritimes for the year and apply to Algonquin from home. because really I can work at a wendys at home and pay less for food/rent/boose ect.

Mon, Jun. 12th, 2006, 09:37 am
leafdragon: Hey

Hi I'm moving to Ottawa to go to Algonquin. I'm IN Barrie right now but I'm from Kentville NS and went to Mount Allison.
Looking forward to the posts

Wed, Oct. 12th, 2005, 11:08 am
whiskeredsadie: please circulate widely


"Stop the rape of our fisheries and oceans, once and for all." Prime Minister Paul Martin, May 2005


Despite this statement, the Federal Government has yet to recognize the most damaging human activity to the sea floor.   Bottom trawling (dragging) has been compared to clearcutting the ocean floor. Steel plates and heavy rollers are dragged across the seabed, ploughing up everything in their path. Huge nets haul up tonnes of coral, sponges and other sea – life which are thrown back dead or dying – all to catch just one or two commercially valuable types of fish. In a matter of weeks, bottom trawl fishing can destroy what took many thousands of years to create.  There are alternatives – fish can be caught without destroying habitat.


The Ecology Action Centre and Living Oceans Society are bringing a bottom trawling net from the East Coast to Parliament Hill from October 14th to October 21st to present their message to the Canadian Government that bottom dragging is the most destructive fishing gear type.


The Canadian Government must take immediate action to protect fish habitat as well as rare and threatened corals and sponges from bottom trawling in Canadian waters. Canada must also support a UN moratorium on bottom trawling on the high seas.  


Join scientists, conservationists, and fishermen for one or all of the following events along our Canadian Drag Net Tour:


Halifax   Friday October 14 th, 11am – 4pm: Spring Garden Library, Kick off event

  Noon: Dal Tech Auditorium, across from Library –  Multimedia Presentation: "Deep Sea Life, Dragging and Alternatives"


Saint John    Monday, Oct. 17th: Market Square. 


Montreal    Tuesday, Oct. 18th: See website for location updates. Conservationists and fishermen available for discussion. Net available for photography.


Ottawa   Wednesday, Oct 19th, 9:30 am – 11:30 am : Parliament Hill:  Information event, display and Multimedia presentation *


Thurs, Oct. 20th, 7pm:  University of Ottawa. Rm 142 Complex residentielle .  Multimedia Presentation and panel discussion.


Help protect fish habitat and rare and threatened species. You can make a difference.


Write to Prime Minister Paul Martin. Visit www.ecologyaction.ca/gearshift.


Keep visiting for information and updates:

www.ecologyaction.ca/gearshift      www.livingoceans.org    www.savethehighseas.org


* Volunteers wanted for the Ottawa event – please call Gina at (902) 453-6433 or (902) 426-1871 or email at patterson.gina@gmail.com.

Fri, Jan. 28th, 2005, 09:55 am
liss76: Intro


I'll make an intro post here so that this community isn't empty if someone else should stumble upon it. ;o)

My name is Melissa. I'm originally from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia, but relocated to Ottawa in Spring of 1997 for my husband's job. I have two boys under age three, and varied interests. I am continually running into other East Coast Canadians who have relocated here for work or school, so I thought I'd establish a community here at LJ to see who's hanging out here. :o)